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Mid October update.

Well the aviary refurbishment continues – I am quite pleased by the way things have been progressing – but have encountered the familiar problem of where to stop!

The weather has been disappointing with 4 days of no flying due to high winds and then torrential rain – it is amazing how individual falcons can quickly lose fitness if not flown everyday – and once the good weather returns or at least flyable weather you have build them up slowly again.

It is great to be out again.

‘Sprite’ our peregrine flew his best ever yesterday and I felt we were close to losing him as he seemed almost wild. He flew with extreme pace as if something had spooked him.  I called him in with the ‘ho’ shout or guaranteed food shout and he caught the lure in fine style. The ‘sock’ lure I now use does have the advantage of been easy to catch and bind to – which is invaluable for  a nervous falcon. It was useful for ‘Sprite’ yesterday – it brought him to ground and although nervous he allowed me to pick him up.

I flew him again to today – no problem – thankfully!

Anyway here is a picture of him on the lure at the rugby club last week. 


October is here and the weather is warm and pleasant. The summer events have come to an end and over the weekend I took the static display out of the van  where  it is permanently throughout the season. The canvas weatherings made on my old industrial sewing machine are something that I am proud of – representing a distillation of numerous designs over the years. I modestly say I could not improve it in any way – they are lightweight, durable and most importantly functional protecting the birds from sun, wind and rain at events.

Apart from winter storage I wanted to clear the van to allow us to buy some materials to upgrade our lofting arrangements for the birds – which is now nearing completion and we plan further refurbishment for the aviaries  during the winter. The hawkroom is also practically finished.

I continue now to fly our winter team of birds for hotel and small group work and anything else that comes along. All are flying well.

I leave you with a picture of Madam on the knowle with her ball – she is a  personality – not all good! it was taken during the summer and due to the heat it would have been late in the day. It reminds me of that wonderful period just a few weeks ago.