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A test post

Michael Davie reflection on 2009.

Although 2009 is not over – effectively  for us ‘demonstration falconers’ it is with summer – our busy time – now just a memory.

The two big factors for 2009 has been the downturn in the economy and the weather. Cooler summers are animal friendly but there is a limit!  all in all it has been a good season and the diversity of our work continues to amaze me! We still do plenty of fetes and other community events and thoroughly enjoy them.

Although we are based in Gloucestershire we provide falconry displays to events in any of our neighbouring counties, towards London and  further afield.

As I mentioned above the nature of our work has much changed and we provide falconry and birds of prey flying displays for all types of events all year round – from Weddings to an ‘International Think Tank’ seminar at Oxford University.

Just the simple pleasure of a guest or show visitor handling a falcon – its a real thrill to have ‘A Hawk in the Hand’ – so there is that universal appeal which along with the history of our sport, its association with art and literature makes for an intoxicating mixture.