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October 2017 – update

Well we have just come back from a bit of a northern tour of Yorkshire the highlight of which was seeing a wild merlin chasing what appeared to be a little ringed plover in the harbour at Whitby – it was just amazing! every time the merlin got near the plover dived into the water. The merlin shot over the top and landed on a moored boat. This happened several times the merlin finally landing on the rigging of a modern version of an old pirate ship.  I got my binoculars out looked across and the merlin had gone. Obviously it had down to the coast off the adjacent moors – which they tend to do during the winter. It was just great.We later visited the moors and were surprised at the number of grouse we saw and a really good variety of birds.

Our small group work continues for us over the winter at Country Hotels and the like while looking at bookings for 2018 for our birds of prey and falconry displays. As always we would like to thank all the shows and other organisations that have booked our displays over this summer just gone.

I leave with a picture of a trained merlin from the 1970’s – he was a male merlin known in falconry parlance as a Jack merlin.