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Falconry and birds of prey displays – update 2013.

owl105We are still in the first part of April to say that the weather has been disappointing is an understatement but we have to look forward and hope that winter ends and spring begins – this weekend we all hope!

Our young Lanner ‘Pippa’ has wintered well in an aviary and she now back flying again and from what we saw last year she looks like being a very good falcon. We look forward introducing her this season.

Of course our season runs all year round with corporate days and small group work and to this end with a strong eductational theme to our birds of prey and falconry displays we have bought a young Barn Owl who we have named ‘Moonbeam’ although an alternative name has been ‘Eric’ but I think we will stick with ‘Moonbeam’. It is more evocative and actually is a name of a falcon in the 1970’s and I like it.

Anyway ‘Moonbeam’ is growing a pace and is now growing its flight feathers – so again once she is trained and ready we look forward to intoducing her.

In terms of our show displays we have made some alterations to our static display which have been a long time in the planning and finally we have updated it which reflects the changes in our birds over the years.

Above is a picture of ‘Moonbeam’ at about 6 weeks old.




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