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She stoops to conquer!

birds 118This is our busy part of the year with our falconry and birds of prey displays and in fact we are waiting to go today after lunch to do a display.

Hence time for a rare blog update. Things have been proceeding well but this hot weather we are having can have a profound effect on the ways falcons fly and develop.

Peggy,Duke and Waqar our three great falcons would all thermal in hot weather. In otherwords spiralling up on these  raising air columns often known as ‘specking it’ – so high do they go.

The scary thing is will they come down!!!!! and within time. We have had so little hot weather over the last few years that many falcons have never developed this behaviour and when it does happen it is alarming.

Leah has been doing this recently but just high enough to make it unbelievable when she stoops back into the area. Obviously hot weather can effect the appetite of a falcon and so they must enter the arena conditioned properly for the moment and the falconer with the right mind set to deal with it if it happens.

This is why we develop the ‘Ho’ shout where the falcon knows that an instant return will be rewarded with its daily ration of food. This can be used when the falcon is circling up and the falconer bails out before she has gone too high.

But a stoop back into the arena is spectacular –  it is one of natures great spectacles and brings the house down.

I leave you with a picture of ‘Peggy’presenting that wonderful falcon shape before she stoops to conquer.

The saying I know has no reference to falconry but I like it anyway!