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Late June falconry update – 2017

Things have been progressing along – busy – particularly so for June normally it is July that holds this distinction. All the birds have been flying well – our canvas weatherings have come into their own over the recent hot spell. Although we always seek additional shade under a tree – there is nothing better on a hot day. We are back now to fresher windier weather – which is more animal and human friendly for that matter!

I have a short extract filmed on a mobile phone – of me flying ¬†‘Sprite’ our male peregrine or tiercel peregrine – the female been known as the falcon or falcon gentle in the language of falconry. Here it is – surprisingly good footage actually and shows how clever he is at chasing the lure – predicting every move that I make! I hope with more development his flying and chasing of the lure will improve – just a wild peregrine learning to hunt successfully.

I am going to need some assistance with this so for the moment I will leave you with a picture just after I have flown him down on the grassy Knowle.


June 2017 – falconry news.

We have had a quite a busy May particularly down at Thornbury Castle. The weather in general has been a welcome relief although looking out of the window – Autumn has returned!

Brian our Lanneret continues to improve and his flying reminiscent of ‘Waqar’ one of our best falcons ever. He, however, was not a Lanner falcon but a Lugger falcon. A great flier – wippy and fast and just incredible on the turn and like Brian now just brilliant in the wind. He is such an exciting falcon and joins our other falcons that we fly at events including ‘Leah’ who is a wonderful flier – rangy and high flying.

We flew ‘Sprite’ our peregrine down at the Castle for some guests. It was his first public performance and he was really appreciated and flew with great confidence. ‘Performance’ in a way is the wrong word as it implies non natural behaviour which ¬†could not be further from the truth. They are trained in accordance to their natural behaviour and they exhibit natural behaviour including flying away!

We are continuing to review what we offer – every year including equipment. We have used a small Mipro 30w sound system with a head set mic – battery powered for a number of years. This is a system that has served us well and is just perfect for smaller corporate/ educational events. We have considered buying a bigger system for general usage at small country fairs, fete and so on. Again battery powered and it would avoid the almost continual problems of pa systems that we have. Falconers with the use of headsets and movement around the arena does stretch a system to its limit if the receiver is some distance away.

So it is a question of investment and further the durability of the system which is critical importance – so it is something under constant review and research.

Talking of equipment I am just finishing off a new hawking bag. As an old style apprentice we had to make all our own equipment – falconry is an art and craft after all. Here is a picture of me working my industrial ‘Singer’ sewing machine. A unique piece of equipment. I brought it from a ‘cobbler’ who had gone electric – the machine having previously been used by his predecessor. Here is the pic.