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News – February 2018.

We are in February 2018 and we continue with our winter flying team for another few weeks before beginning to include other birds as we  prepare for spring/summer 2018.

I am just recovering from ‘flu’ not sure whether it was Australian flu or another but I was unwell for about 10 days with the usual symptoms and then a process of gaining strength again.  Looking after animals is tough when you are not well and I have a great of sympathy for farmers who have to struggle on regardless and often have health problems which for similar reasons they just leave. I saw an interesting program on where they were encouraging farmers to have medical check ups when they go to market – which I think is a brilliant idea. They pay for it with a small levy. Anyway I am well now and just look forward to the warmth of spring.

Of course this is the time when we begin to take in bookings for summer events ‘over and above’ events that carry over from year to year. We will see how things pan out for the year ahead – we look forward to it. I leave with a photo of a past summer event.