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Falconry and Birds of Prey Displays – The Process

It is sometime again since I last wrote in my diary blog – we have been busy concentrating on the season which now sadly like the summer has gone but we continue albeit at a lesser pace with our small group falconry displays at Hotels and the like.

The fact we have been busy reflects the great range of birds of prey displays that we give each year.  This allows us to survive changes in the economy or other matters affecting the rural scene.

For example foot and mouth had a devastating effect on rural events and therefore this clearly underlines the necessity to be versatile.  In practice this means introducing falconry and birds of prey displays to a wider audience. It has been less of a grand plan but  gentle evolution greatly assisted by the internet with people surfing the net for new ideas.

But back to the birds of prey and falconry! how do we present displays for these new events? I have given this a fair amount of thought – one changes format to suit the event be it for a bird of prey/falconry display for school children, a wedding or indeed for a group of foreign language students but the essential base for all is the flying display and if done well  speaks a kind of universal language  – everything else the commentary, the handling of birds of prey where appropriate that guests are offered are just additional elements.

 Having been an amateur falconer myself I hope the special type of enthusiasm and background knowledge that only the amateur has shines through.

So thats the general picture of  ‘Whats been happening’ in terms of process. In my next blog I want to return to familiar territory and report on the birds of prey themselves and some stories of the season!

I am still to write about ‘Duke’  – a very special falcon – as promised a few blogs ago – its coming!