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June update – falconry displays by Michael Davie.

IMG_5939Well we are coming to the end of June and I think I can safely describe the season so far as been rather windy – but it happens that way.

It can alter our approach to a display but thankfully we have a good selection of flying options with our experienced birds of prey – experienced wind fliers are a real asset and Bo our Eagle owl always does well.

We had a little fun in London during our annual visit to Little Wormwood Scrubs – a lovely community event in Dalgarno Gardens. Apart from parrots living wild in London in ever increasing numbers the event is noted for its nearly always unsettled weather! but normally proceeds without a hitch,

Leah our best Lanner falcon was just about to get into top gear and provide a barn storming performance as part of our second display when two very angry crows suddenly joined in and attempted to chase her away. I assume she had flown too close to their home tree. Anyway all hell broke loose – I could not believe it!

They were very aggressive – two onto one. Falcons are vulnerable to been mobbed before they have gained full speed – the problem if it is to happen is normally with gulls.

It was a  very exciting interaction and a scary time for me – as a lost falcon is a real possibility –  but she had the  good sense to outrun them and then circle back to the the arena – I called her in. The audience were amaxed! There you go these things happen with you least expect them. Somebody sent me footage of the incident and at some point I will upload it.

Some good news ‘Brian’ our new lanner falcon or lanneret is doing really well sitting out on static display – relaxed and so I have now taken the next step and started to fly him at events – which is just great and not only is he flying but flying well.

The flying of falcons is something that I love to do – they are my passion and I guess they give my display format its identity which is important. We try to offer a balanced display – a family display with something for all – but for those events that do book me falcon flying is very part of what we do –  it seems to have become important again this year perhaps a need to connect with the past – a strand back into history.

I will leave you will a picture of Brian sitting out on static display . The picture courtesy of the Gloucestershire Motor Show and by Phil Kroll of Philmit Photography – thanks.