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Falconry Displays May 2015.

It is a wet day and so no flying. We will fly at events in light rain but at home we generally give them a day off.

So far the season is going well. Blenheim Palace went well.The numbers just seem to increase year on year. It is a safe place to take a family and when warm no better place to picnic.

All the birds flew well. It is the first time the static display has been out this year which really does signal the start of the summer season. Leah was on fire with her flying finishing each day with a breathtaking performance. She is not the easiest falcon to handle but her flying more than makes up for it. Bo the Eagle Owl did her usual flying over heads in the jousting arena and with more children sitting on the grass she has a long way to fly! she is a star!

Brian our new lanner falcon or Lanneret is beginning to fly well at home. We have flown him at Thormbury Castle a couple of times – which is a perfect starting place but he needs to sit out on static display and gets used to the show environment. So he came to Blenheim just to find his feet – he will progress at his own pace and hopefully by the end of the summer he will be well used to the set up. Next season will be the big one as he will be flying at events. Rather like our other new falcon Pippa who followed the same route two years ago and is now flying at every event. 20150207_123917It is nice to bring them on.

We bought a new falcon last winter a peregrine falcon that we have named ‘Sprite’. He was a 2014 tiercel as we call the male peregrine. He has been trained and flown by someone else but needed a good moult.  I am glad to report that he has just started to moult. It is a process that takes several months and the first moult is especially important – anyway we look forward to seeing him in what will essentially be adult plumage in the autumn.

I leave you with a picture of him.