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‘Jazz’ our American Kestrel

scan 07-06-2011 13h51m52sThis is a picture from two years ago of ‘Jazz’ our American Kestrel when she was very small and being hand reared.

As I have said before she is a member of the falcon family and even though very small weighing in at only 125grams she has that unmistakeable falcon look.

It certainly was not a straight forward journey training her. Her size made accurate conditioning critical but as she was hand reared and very tame  this was not such an issue as it could have been.

The main problem is that not only is she a predator but also because of her size is a prey species as well. In America their main predator is the Coopers Hawk which is a little larger than our Sparrow hawk  and at times ‘Jazz’ would press the panic or survival button and just ‘go’ if she saw one – as you can imagine it always happened at the wrong time – but thats falconry!

I had a loss of confidence regarding her future in terms of displays and moved her into a much bigger and more secluded aviary and this really seemed to settle her down – it’s as if she had room to hide when she saw a Sparrowhawk.

This new found maturity has helped in the flying field and she has been flying amazingly well both as an interactive bird allowing people to handle her but also as a lure flier – she has become a real star at events and of course we are delighted.