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May 2017 – falconry displays update – a little warmer!

We have been battling with cold strong winds for what seems like several weeks now. Our visit to Blenheim was a tough call for us – it is always breezy ┬ábecause it is elevated and open – but particularly so during our recent visit – and it rained! but the birds did well and even ‘Bo’ our Eagle Owl deemed to fly through the dampness. There are some wonderful photos of the birds flying at Blenheim and hopefully I can get permission to put them on a future blog.

The wind dropped last Sunday and it coincided with a visit to Thornbury Castle – the weather was great really warm. Pete the Kestrel flew brilliantly – I love flying him he is a lot of fun – and Kestrel’s are great talking points with guests like Peregrines.

We are getting ready for a local event on Saturday and the last couple of days it has begun to feel a little warmer – hopefully it holds out for the weekend. It is always unpredictable at this of year – mid April to mid May is my favorite ┬ápart of the year – everything growing and I have seen in our local Peregrine again – saw it carrying prey to eat on a pylon! a steely dining table. I leave you with a picture of Arizona our harris hawk at an event earlier in the year. I include him especially because he always makes a major contribution to our displays.