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falconry and birds of prey display news – July 2016

Well quite a lot has been happening recently – the good news is that our Kestrel ‘Pete’ has been doing really well in terms of his flying. We had a disaster when he flew over my shoulder while putting him in the van – he disappeared for  a week. He turned up at Gloucestershire University enrolling to do a course! actually in the grounds.

With some difficulty I managed to reclaim him. He came into the lure but was nervous. Out for a week he had done amazingly well and was in good condition. Thankfully and this was one of the reasons I lost him he is lofted and therefore wearing only flying jesses – so no chance of getting tangled up. The bell on his leg brought him to the attention of a retired policeman who claimed to have seen a flying morris dancer! anyway through networking the message got back to me – and gladly the rest is history.

He had a little time off and then I started to fly him again and is now  flying quite beautifully –  at shows and other venues. People just love to see a kestrel and he is a firm favourite – though I hasten to add Kestrels are not easy birds to train – size and temperament are both factors in play.

Events have been going well – we have made some decisions over direction of our displays which has meant slight changes in format, changes in birds – part of the circle of life and changes in events some by choice others not.  It has taken a while to adapt but our displays I think are stronger – it reflects nearly 30 years of work and subtle adjustment from time to time is a good thing.

I took a day off yesterday and visited the launch of the J A Baker archive. He wrote the book called the Peregrine in 1967.  All his manuscripts are in the archive at Essex University and to see them is very special. It was a great day of talks and presentations, a live peregrine and lively debate.

All our other birds are doing well. ‘Pippa’ the younger of our two lanner falcons is flying better and better and is such a people friendly falcon – I thought I would mention her. Our own Peregrine ‘Sprite’ is currently moulting in an avairy and we are looking forward to flying him again at the end of the summer – he is also a lovely falcon and we are hopeful that next year we can start flying him at events.

I leave with me flying ‘Pippa’ at a recent event.20160618_103713 pippa