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The Christmas period just gone and the year ahead.

Well 2010 is upon us and Happy New Year to all.

Typically the Christmas period has been quite busy for us with seasonal displays notably at Thornbury Castle Hotel in South Gloucestershire. This amazing place is steeped in history – Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn once walked the grounds and slept in the Castle – and of course there is no better place for a falconry display!

In fact we have been providing displays at the Castle for twenty years and the Christmas display has become something of a tradition.

The birds of prey flew well and the display was well received and so we were happy. Of course I love my falcons – they are superlative – but the Eagle Owl and Harris Hawk are always popular with guests as they can handle and fly them. Also popular is the American Sparrowhawk – really a falcon like our own Common Kestrel but smaller – ‘Jazz’  as we call her is high on the cute factor and guests always are amazed to hear they are successful and potent predators.

Well we are looking  ahead at 2010 now – we have some bookings which we have carried through from last year but of course we always look forward to attending new events and meeting new people.