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‘Lulu’ our new Eagle Owl joins our birds of prey displays.

Well as the title suggest we have a new Eagle Owl which we have named ‘Lulu’ on the assumption that she is a girl. They can quite difficult to sex as there are no distinct plumage differences between the sexes and is further complicated by variations in size of Indian Eagle owls.

It does not matter – I have a feeling that she a female but she may turn out to be a ‘Louie’.

‘Bo’our other Indian Eagle Owl is now 25 years old and showing no signs of aging  but I felt it would be nice to bring on another owl bearing in mind that it will a long process of introduction to display work before she is fully trained – so now is a good time to start.

As you can see from the photograph is now flying to the hand which is encouraging and she does look quite beautiful.

Of course owls are not falconry birds but are globally a very sucessful family of birds of prey – very popular in our display and act a great contrast to what are falconry birds.