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November falconry displays update 2016

We have had a quite a busy Autumn with displays. Pete the Kestrel is beginning to fly well – which is great. It is challenging flying a small falcon through the winter and being able to loft the bird is very helpful. So he is doing ok and I am hopeful we can fly him over the Christmas period at various events. He is popular with guests – many who have either read the book ‘Kes’ or seen the film. Our Peregrine ‘Sprite’ is now ready to be flown and I look forward to flying him again. He has been ¬†lofted in a moulting aviary up to now.

Our Harris Hawk ‘ Arizona’ always a great flier at events has been doing more interactive work with guests – this is a new thing for him and he as done really well. His flying has always been great – he circles back nicely and he is an active natural flier. I will insert a nice photo of him at the end of this blog. I want to mention him because he is such an important hawk and we have had him 7 years.

We have had discussions about transport to events and the idea to put a range on our journeys Рwhich is something that I have been doing for sometime. It is something to do with my own longevity! but also environmental consequences of long journeys. No doubt looking forward the next vehicle will at least be some kind of hybrid. The options at the moment are very limited but no doubt this will change. All ranges are within the conditions of our transport licence and the birds travel comfortably.img_9711

Anyhow I leave you with a picture of Arizona – sitting in a tree – a winter scene.





Preseli Buzzard


Photo by Patricia Davie