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Falconry Displays 2012 – Looking ahead.

scan 30-01-2012 14h37m43sFirstly I would like to say a belated happy New Year to my readers and to say a big thank you to the Clients who booked my falconry display services in 2011 and ‘nice to have met you’ to all the guests we have encountered along the way.

I think despite everything we have had a good year – it proves life goes on! I think for 2012 – well I do not know quite what to expect – but we are booking a mixture of events and happenings for the 2012 season which is good news and hope as the season progresses we will have more.  As always we look forward to providing our interactive and educational falconry and birds of prey displays at the events we attend.

The nature of falconry displays have changed over the years but our love of falcons has not and they frame every display as if to remind us all of their splendour and heritage – but of course with Harris Hawks and Eagle Owl ‘Bo’ there are new  opportunities for guests not just to be spectators but to handle and fly a bird of prey and for children we have ‘Jazz’ the American Kestrel who has been so popular in 2011.

The educational nature of our displays will never change – for me it gives the whole process meaning,

Bye for now. The picture above is a grown up picture of ‘Jazz’ our American Kestrel kindly taken by Mr. Neale Albert at Thornbury Castle last Christmas