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Celebrating 30 years of falconry displays.

2017 is our 30th year of providing falconry and birds of prey displays at events across the country – anywhere where a falconry display is appropriate you my find us. The theme has always been the same to celebrate the art and craft of falconry – perhaps now which should add science to that title. With the weighing machine to monitor condition, telemetry for tracking, vitamin supplements for raptors along with nutrition, breeding birds of prey – essential for the continued survival of falconry and of course modern veterinary avian care.

So with this theme representing the history of the sport, the birds themselves, conservation, fun and enjoyment of the countryside through falconry – we continue. I include a picture of me – Michael Davie with our celebratory t-shirt! plus ‘Brian’ the male lanner falcon who we are just about to feed along with our dog ‘Grace’. ¬†She is a wonderful companion and when the 99 variables of her temperament all align she is just about the best dog possible in terms of her responsiveness and intelligence. I always say judge me on my falconry and not on my dog training!

I also include a 30th celebratory plague give to me by ‘P.2 Design’ – a friendly business over the years. I like it because it depicts a Lanner falcon – it has a nice ‘arts and crafts’ feel to it and of course for us it has meaning because we have had some great Lanners of the years. So thanks to P.2 Design again and since it is designed to be all weather I will put it outside on our falconry mews.

Just some general news – we have been quite busy recently – which is good. ‘Pete’ the Kestrel put up a stunning display at Thornbury Castle Hotel last week – vertical stoops – really lovely.


April 2017

Last weekend we did the falconry display at Gloucester Country¬†Fair and Races. It is a point to point meet with this year the addition of a country fair – that is where we come in. It was a beautiful day – warm a little breezy but still ok. The flying display went well and though early in the day we had a good audience. We were on static display for the rest of the day where we had a good number of people looking at the birds. Anyway I include some photos of the day. We were out yesterday at Thornbury Castle and ‘Pete’ the Kestrel flew really well – vertical dives!