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Well the heat has gone and today looking out the back door it could have been any day in the year – it was cloudy, overcast, drizzly and cold. Whereas the heat was at one level unbearable one is all too aware how brief the summer actually is particularly as the swifts are already beginning to migrate – along with house Martins – sadly it seems there are fewer swallows this year.

We are facing changes too with a new system of licencing for animal displays coming in operation from October 1st 2018. We are not sure how the system will operate in practice but those of us with the existing licence have a period of 6 months to accommodate the change – so a clearer picture will emerge. The new licence appears to include the basis of the old licence, plus elements of the higher level type 2 transport licence, 2006 animal welfare legislation coupled with a home visit. Anyway we will see.

As I said in an earlier blog the hot weather is challenging at every level but after our scare at an earlier event in Staffordshire – things have been going well.

I am much criticised for having a wildlife garden beyond the aviaries – it is untidy – but the sighting of a hedgehog last evening – that has been living the garden for some time – has left me feeling vindicated! I leave you with a picture of it.