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News – July 2011

DSC09433Well the season is well underway and I am glad to report that we have been busy with displays. 

The weather has not been particularly brilliant but falconry displays are amazingly durable and unless it is blowing a gale or raining hard we are normally able to fly the birds of prey. Some of the birds are very experienced and take it in their stride just like their wild counterparts.

Our American Kestrel ‘Jazz’ has been doing particulary well – her small size and happy deposition make her very popular but we are always keen to tell guests that happy and small does not mean easy. A bird of this size takes a lot of looking after and careful management. Her flying too has improved and she is dashy and manoeuvrable – a bird of this size is also prey for other birds of prey – and she knows this – so one is always on the look out for other raptors before attempting to fly her. As I have said before the Sparrowhawk is probably the most feared. We are not fearful of her been caught but flying away to save herself and running after her!

Lets not forget the other birds that are the mainstay. ‘Bella’ one of our Lanner falcons is flying well and in a small way is filling the shoes of ‘Duke’ with her versatility and reliability.

So all in all it has been a typical English summer as someone once said to me we do not have a climate we just have weather!