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Christmas displays 2016 – update

Our festive displays went well – Christmas Day morning at Stanbrook Abbey was windy, dry and incredibly mild – and the display went well. Our Boxing Day displays went well too – firstly at the Cotswold house – thanks to Nathan for his excellent dummy rabbit work and then onto Thornbury Castle for our traditional Boxing Day afternoon display. Weather was good – bright and cold. Our Kestrel ‘Pete’ flew really well at both Stanbrook and Thornbury – he is a star with such a big personality.

Of course I have to mention ‘Bo’ the Eagle Owl, ‘Arizona’ the Harris Hawk, ‘Pippa’ the Lanner Falcon and ‘Sprite’ our Peregrine – they were all great.

I leave you with a picture of ‘Sprite’ taken a couple of months ago.20161002_112455


Happy Christmas! from Michael Davie falconry displays.

This is my e card for Christmas 2016 a picture of ‘Pippa’ flying at Blenheim Palace. She is, and I will say it again a lovely falcon. Hope to have news on the Peregrine in the new year – but he will be present at our lanner-5Christmas falconry displays over the festive season

Michael Davie -Birds of Prey Displays 2017


Well it is December! and I would like to thank all those shows, corporate entertainment companies, clients and guests who have booked one form or another of my falconry displays over the last year. So thank you and happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

I have a number of displays over Christmas and that is what I am working towards with the daily flying of our birds of prey – of course I am hoping for good weather for guests as well as birds – I want to fly them! but ¬†sometimes that is not possible so we head indoors to concentrate on handling. ‘Bo’ our Eagle Owl always flies well inside – she is so popular and if you have a nice indoor venue like a Tudor Hall ¬†it is quite special.

We are beginning to take bookings for 2017 and no doubt we will return to many venues again – regular booking if you like and of course I always look forward to new events and the opportunity to meet new people and present my falconry and birds of prey flying displays. I will leave you with a picture of ‘leah’ one of our lovely Lanner Falcons flying at Blenheim Palace.