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Still Hot!

We have had a good week despite the hot weather. A school visit proved interesting with an encounter for ‘Pippa’ with a gull – which was very aggressive and tried to chase her away. It was more complicated because she disappeared around a building. We feared the worst but her experience won the day and she  turned and tracked her way back. The students were  fascinated! I called her in – much relieved. When falcons have built up momentum ‘air speed’ they are well able to out manoeuvre a gull and also out pace it – but it is that period when they are taking off and ranging out at low speed  when they are vulnerable. Young falcon’s spooked in such a way can be easily lost.

I leave you with a picture of ‘Madam’ sitting to have her photo taken. What is remarkable is that this field of spring barley was planted barely ten weeks ago and has now has been harvested!

July 2018 Hot!

I am out with the dog before 8.00 am at the moment just to avoid the heat of the day – she can just chill for the rest of the day until I talk her down to the Knowle in the evening – the breeze can be very refreshing at that time of day.

This allows me to get the birds out earlier too and try to have them all flown before 11.00am on practice days. At Thornbury Castle we have lovely shade under the mature trees and the bookings tend to be after breakfast – so a good time.

All birds are flying well – I am doing some additional work with the Peregrine trying to get him and circle and wait on rather then just stooping to the lure. It is needed as he has become too clever at catching the lure! it will improve his flying and actually is long over due.

‘Pete’ the Kestrel has been flying well – I have altered things slightly for him too. This is quite normal and why my earlier falcons flew so well – sometimes you just have to make a change.

We have a hot weekend ahead so our sun protection awings will be out ‘ and needed!’ and set to the compass to avoid direct sun – hopefully we can also find natural shade under a tree.

I leave you with a picture of an orchid I found and the above picture of ‘Pete’ the Kestrel from today – down at the Knowle where the grass is now yellow and parched.