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falconry and birds of prey displays – pictures of ‘Sprite’

As I mentioned in my last blog I would post a couple pictures of ‘Sprite’ our Peregrine Falcon looking very smart after moulting through the summer. The male peregrine is known as the tiercel – which is an old french term meaning that he is roughly one third smaller than the female. She is know as the falcon and he the tiercel.

He is now in the process of being trained by me. He has been flown before but he needs to be retrained after a long lay off.

They have an excellent memory retention of training and generally speaking it is a straight forward process of reintroduction. He is doing well.DSCF1126DSCF1129


Falconry Displays news Autumn 2015.

harrisAs per usual the summer seems a long time ago now although we have had so far an amazing autumn.

We had a good summer. As I said in a previous blog we are using ‘Red’ our old old harris hawk less in displays which has naturally lead to an adjustment in what I do.

‘Brian’ our new male lanner falcon has really developed well and he is such an exciting edition to our display. He has the potential to be something really special – I am getting ahead of myself! but you know what I mean -I am hopeful.

‘Pete’ our new Kestrel has done well travelling to events and sitting out on static display – vital conditioning and was trained at the end of the season and has been flying well. He has gone into an aviary this week for a couple of months to allow him a period of liberty with a generous food allowance. This will give him protection in high condition from frosts and give him a little time off to mature.

2016 will be the 30th year since I started doing falconry displays. I was lucky enough to have some amazing birds to help me along the way and this year just gone has seen a slight return to my original inception all those years ago with the fine flying of falcons. ‘Sprite’ our new peregrine has now moulted through and he now being retrained – I hoping he will be amazing – we shall see. I will post a new photo of him when I have one.

I will leave you with a picture taken of me and ‘Red’ the Harris Hawk taken a Blenheim Palace last year. He has been a wonderful bird and is nearly 26 years old.