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Birds of prey displays Autumn 2016

Just an update. Brian our new Lanneret has gone into an aviary to catch up on his moult. He has had a good summer travelling to all events and flying  at many. He is still an improving falcon and like always I look forward to flying him again Рprobably early next year.

Pete our male Kestrel has finished his first moult and looks really smart in his adult plumage – grey head and tail and ready to fly through the rest of Autumn into Winter and then on to next year. The picture as part of this blog shows him on a shelf perch.

We have several upcoming events and we look forward to taking him along and if ready flying him. He did really well last summer and as I have said previously he is the first Kestrel I have had since I was a boy.

Kestrels are important birds educationally and he is a much valued.

2017 is going to be the 30th year for Michael Davie – falconry displays. In fact it is 31 years but next year will be exactly 30 from my first display in 1987. I started planning the business in 1986. We are going to commission a t-shirt with a nice line drawing of me with a falcon – taken from a photograph to celebrate this achievement. It is just a bit of fun – but why not!

I will at some point just outline the history of how it started – some of the wonderful birds we have had and hopefully some interesting anecdotes – but I will leave that for another blog.20161024_123918