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Michael Davie – Falconry and bird of prey display – March update


The weather here at the moment  is wonderful and makes such a difference to our daily flying.

With the warmth there is more lift and the birds of prey particularly the falcons begin to fly higher and ride the invisible air currents like wind surfers which is exciting.

We want to take that excitement into our summer events. We love our falcons here but we know how important our other birds are in bringing balance to our displays. Our displays are not just about falconry – although this is my particular interest – but the world of birds of prey out there which many people encounter in their gardens, out in the countryside and in our towns and cities.

Of course with a Harris Hawk or an Eagle Owl or even an American Kestrel there is that invaluable  ‘hands on experience’ that guests can encounter – that ‘Hawk in the Hand’  moment which in a way is primeval but thrilling!

Will try to update as the season progresses – bye for now.