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falconry displays Autumn 2014 – news

It is October 1st and before we get to far into Autumn I just want to thank all those people and organisations who booked our falconry display this summer.

It has been a good summer with decent weather and all the birds have done well. I keep saying to Red our Harris Hawk  “Just give me one more season” and he has done. He is 24 years old now and while he keeps fit and well it will be daily flying as usual either at home or flying to guests at events.

It is not easy to just train up another hawk – each one is an individual and in fact our other harris hawk ‘Arizona’ is a totally different character from ‘Red’. Arizona is more of an arena flier than a ‘one to one’  hawk like ‘Red’ and so we use him differently.

So buying another hawk is not easy and we have always operated a policy of ‘one in one out’. The danger of being ‘overhawked’ as the old falconers would say is as relevant today as ever. So we are in no rush to get another hawk but rather ready to enjoy what Red still has to offer.

Of course in our falconry and birds of prey displays our other birds make a huge contribution. ‘Pippa’ our new Lanner falcon has done really well this summer which has been just great. She fliers well – practically anywhere – and is such a tame falcon she  is lovely to handle. At two years of age this has been her first full season and she still has a lot to learn and  some maturity to gain but she is on the way and we are hopeful that she will be around for many years to come.

It is well beyond 25 years since I started as a freelance falconer and I have been asked whether any changes are on their way – am I running out of steam!!!

I had a month away from events last year to follow my own research into the writer ‘J A baker’ to whom I have referred to in an earlier blog but actually was very happy to resume my work with birds of prey. I realise that new hawks now will accompany me into retirement and this must be a factor in long term decision making but right at this moment we just carry on!

That is it for now. The photograph is of ‘Leah’ our Lanner  Falcon IMG_0362-2who is eleven years old – currently our best falcon.