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Another photo from Blenheim.

This a photo of me in costume at Blenheim Palace as part of the jousting event. The falcon is a female Lanner Falcon called ‘Leah’ named after a certain famous film character! Leah is an experienced falcon and on her day is one of the best fliers we have had particularly on days with a light warming wind.

The other photo below from my previous blog is of the tepees.  Just to give a little more info this is the system we use


on very windy days – they are stable and protective – we have not used them for a while but last weekend was exceptionally windy.

tepees used at Blenheim

20160820_133638 brian3

Bird of prey displays & falconry displays August 2016 news.

Well we have had a busy few days. Our Blenheim Jousting event was moved this year a little later in August. Ray kindly covered for me on Friday when I was at Dunster. Very wet at Blenheim and very windy at Dunster on Friday and then again very windy all day at Blenheim on Saturday.

We substained some damage to the static display which compared to others was minor and is fixable. Although at Blenheim we thought it safer to use the tepee system with the vehicle to protect us from the wind. I enclose a picture of the tepee set up which I tend to use for corporate days where a rest area between displays is useful. Visitors tend to like it as they can get closer to the the birds – to look at and to take photographs – generally it is rather more intimate.

The summer soon slides away but we have a decent number of bookings in the Autumn  so we continue to fly the birds of prey daily at home with prep for events to come in mind. We made the journey up to Trefeglwys in Wales to do their annual show. It included a hill run which was fun and a great idea. It reminded me of a Lakeland show we once attended where racing lightweight fox hounds disappeared into the hill mist following a scented trail and then to return to the showground from the hill to their owners shaking their food bowl – it was unforgettable event!

Circling back like a falcon to my original point on our way up to Trefeglwys we traveled through Hereford and through villages that years ago we give falconry displays at their fetes – fond memories of the great Duke and Peggy – two great falcons.

All the birds are flying well and we look forward to flying ‘Pete’ our Kestrel again after moulting – he should look very smart in his adult plumage.IMG_5615

I will have to get back to you for the photograph of  the tepee system but I leave you with a nice Photograph of ‘Bo’ our Eagle owl flying last year a Highnam Court – thanks to Phil Kroll