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birds of prey displays – some way in to 2014

Well I have not written a news update for our falconry and birds of prey displays recently.

Things have been going well. The weather has been wonderful although it does pose challenges in both the static display as well as the flying display.

Thankfully we have canvas weatherings for all the birds and they have been of great use as sun shelters.  Organisers  do everything they can to position us in the shade of available trees and so   ‘falconry corner’ becomes an oasis for everyone!

Hot days for flying can have a dramatic effect on the flying of falcons as they can circle up on thermals – which does look great and of course there comes a point where they no longer look like trained birds but like their wild cousins – so high can they go. Conditioning and preparation for the day is critical if they are to come down!

Pippa our new lanner falcon has done well – she is a charming falcon and her flying continues improve – it is nice to watch a new falcon develop. We have another one    for next year called ‘Brian; who is a lanneret. We have been flying him at home. He is currently moulting and we look forward to introducing him in our falconry displays next year.

Well we have just visited Blenheim Palace again for the jousting. It was a new jousting team and we were a little concerned about a change in what it  has been an established formula for a number of years. But it went well!

I leave you with a picture of ‘Bo’ the Eagle owl drawn by Ann Bray a member of Churchdown Art group. I like it as it captures Bo’s personality.Indian eagle owl with border