Late June falconry update – 2017

Things have been progressing along – busy – particularly so for June normally it is July that holds this distinction. All the birds have been flying well – our canvas weatherings have come into their own over the recent hot spell. Although we always seek additional shade under a tree – there is nothing better on a hot day. We are back now to fresher windier weather – which is more animal and human friendly for that matter!

I have a short extract filmed on a mobile phone – of me flying  ‘Sprite’ our male peregrine or tiercel peregrine – the female been known as the falcon or falcon gentle in the language of falconry. Here it is – surprisingly good footage actually and shows how clever he is at chasing the lure – predicting every move that I make! I hope with more development his flying and chasing of the lure will improve – just a wild peregrine learning to hunt successfully.

I am going to need some assistance with this so for the moment I will leave you with a picture just after I have flown him down on the grassy Knowle.


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