November update 2018

Well November is here and it is a lovely day – bright sunshine and not too cold. Have just come back from flying birds – huge number of buzzards around trying to soar. Falcons are not overly keen on them thankfully unlike my old falcon ‘Peggy’ none go chasing them – which is a dangerous activity.

We are about to get busy again – it is like this – this along with show enquiries for next year. Although we run a website with a very good google listing because of its provenance we still get many bookings through word of mouth – with is gratifying.

The refurbishment of the aviaries that I have been working on is completed – and soon I will move some birds in and start working on other elements of our mews or hawk quarters – it is a continual process but there is satisfaction in completion.

Anyway since I have had an enquiry for a medieval jousting event today I will sign off with a happy photograph…

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