Hunkering down.

It has been a difficult week weather wise – we have been grounded for the last three days although I did do a Harry Potter style party for a friend with ‘Bo ‘the Eagle Owl – apart from that I have been left with a feeling of frustration of not been able to get out.

I also put a tail bell and telemetry mount on a mates Harris Hawk. He took the opportunity to do it when the weather was poor so he would not lose a days flying. It is customary when a  bird is cast to give it a day off – feed it shortly afterwards – to get over the process and time to get used to the tail bell and mount. The bell is taken off before the moult which allows those feather to moult out and new ones to grow. At the beginning of the new season the whole process is repeated.

Tail bells are useful as a hawks have a habit of often shaking their tails from side to side when sitting – the bell rings and you know where the bird is – sitting in a tree for example or in cover. Often at rest hawks are motionless and the leg bells still . So they can be really useful. They can be put on falcons too – this is a more recent practice – as they do not move their tails in the same way as hawks and therefore just wore a leg bell or two.

Well my blog was interrupted last evening and the weather this morning has been bright and clear – the birds have all been flown and the whole process of daily flying has begun again – great.  I also have taken ‘Pete’the Kestrel from his loft – weighed him and fed him on the fist. He should be flying again in the next few days or so. He spends his down time in a loft even when flying but when his is moulting he is largely left alone and fed down a shoot.

Anyway here is picture of ‘Pete’ just taken this morning outside the hawkroom feeding on the fist. You can just see his smart new tail. We continue on.

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