Sprite our Peregrine doing well!

Good news is that Sprite is flying well – plenty of pace and fitness improving and not yet chasing pigeons! I am having a lot of fun flying him. Peregrines are not mainstay demonstration birds due to the above but it is such a privilege to be able to fly one.

Peregrines are always newsworthy and like many other places in the UK we have wild Peregrines living around here. At certain times I see them everyday – notably after the grain harvest when they hunt pigeons that feed on the stubbles before ploughing and replanting brings it to an end – and then nothing for weeks or even months.

I call them pylon peregrines Рthis is there chosen vantage point to rest and then when hungry hunt. When there are no pigeons there are no peregrines or only rarely. Since Christmas I have seen only one peregrine up on their traditionally favorite  pylon. This was a female or falcon and she did not stay  long but flew back towards Gloucester.

I was not sure if she was chasing prey and then gave up or pursuing another falcon maybe her mate – it was just a moment obscured by trees before she broke off and flew to the pylon. Pylon height is the operational height for hunting peregrines – as if they were made for them.

Before the peregrine on Friday the last one we saw was on Boxing Day at Thornbury Castle. It was hunting in virtual darkness. We were packing up after our display. Anyway it was great the see the Peregrine here again.

If I was like J A Baker I would be cycling many miles to discover where the peregrine spends the rest of its time – its other vantage points – probably over looking fields of rape waiting for the large flocks of roaming woodpigeons to come and feed. We do not have rape in our local fields at the moment so no pigeons. As Baker said Peregrines view pigeons as we view Cattle. I leave you with a picture taken recently of Sprite our Peregrine Falcon or tiercel as he is know in falconry parlance.

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