March 2017 – falconry displays update.

Well we have made it to March! and there are signs of Spring – certainly our local birds of pairing up. We have a good number of skylarks on the local field left to stubble over the winter and good flocks of mixed finches – actually really nice to see.  As I have said previously management practice in terms of farming can have an almost immediate effect on wildlife. I have not seen so many skylarks on farmland for years.

We are up to full speed now in preparation for the season to come – with Leah our 14 year old Lanner falcon flying quite beautifully again. ‘Sprite’ our peregrine is going well – everyday is an adventure with him! he is a clever flier and is really good at out smarting me as I swing the lure – like a lanner actually. I swing the lure now like a Dad dancing at a wedding. I really am going out to practice again after all the years – I need it!

Our Harris Hawk ‘Arizona’ flies so well – circling back and really looking lovely. It is easier to forget what absolutely stand out raptors Harris Hawks are – they are unique and probably the only hawk than can match any falconry bird ever trained.  It is easier to forget what an impact this intelligent ubiquitous raptor from the deserts of the Americas have had on modern falconry. I will get another photo of him for a future blog. I am going to end this blog with a picture of ‘Sprite’ sitting drying after a bath on the back lawn. Peregrines just love water and typically cannot wait for the bath to filled and jump just straight in! In warm weather they like a bath everyday.



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