The Apprentice falconer – grown up

Monday 20th March. A wet morning here and apart from taking our dog out we are waiting for the rain to stop and fly the birds. If we go too far beyond their usual time we will have to call it quite for the day and feed round. So I thought rather just pressing my nose against the window I would write a short blog. We have an event at the weekend and so this week I will be prepping for this – getting the birds of prey ready for event flying. Also checking the static display and loading it into the van for the season ahead – an all day event necessitates the birds sitting out – protected by the static display with water available.

I include a picture of me – below – with ‘Bo’ the Eagle owl who is now 29 years old when we both a little younger and I still had my beard. It was taken at the Community Centre field where I live. The field is soon to be gone – to make way for a much needed new Doctors surgery  – so the photo shows the passing of time in more ways than one.

Taking of time I am now older than Phillip Glasier when he opened the Newent Falconry Centre back in the late 1960’s. I include a picture 0f him above along with some other notable trainee falconers he was instructing at the time. He is in the front holding a Coopers Hawk with his pointer dog gazing upwards. Paul Bevan sent the photo over some time ago. He was Head falconer at the Centre for some years in the 1970’s under Phillip and I in turn was an apprentice under Paul. He was and is the finest of falconers and taught me practically everything I know. When I see him I still feel like an apprentice!


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