Kestrel Flying

The weather and various factors have slowed us down but our male Kestrel ‘Pete’ is flying again. We put some new jesses on him and bell – plus a transmitter just before flying – and went for it. He is a wonderful little bird and flew well – flying a bird free is just great! Brian our Lanneret despite a couple of hiccups is also flying again and as I have said before he is an exciting falcon too.

We saw our first swallows yesterday (7/4/18)  on an evening walk and again today – not so late actually maybe about a week later from our usual first sighting. I saw a lovely wild Peregrine on my way to Oxford on Friday – just fantastic. She had had some altercation with a crow and I could see her beautiful underside markings as she banked away and up – in rather a low speed and clumsy fashion. In fact our local pylon Peregrine has been back – I look out for it everyday – which is great to see.

We have had a week of turmoil with our email settings and apologies to any one who has been inconvenienced. We used to run ‘Michael Davie falconry displays’ by word of mouth and leaflets and some rudimentary advertising. Indeed word of mouth is still vital but we are so reliant on websites, email and internet to such an extent that even a minor problem is disruptive. Hopefully that is an end to it!

I will end this blog with a picture of ‘Pete’ our Kestrel – 

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