September 4th – a wet start.

I have been meaning to update my news blog a couple of days ago – but time just flies! and here we are already into September. Weather has been fab again – until this morning – so it may be a feed round day. Later this week we are set to be busy again as we slowly adjust from display flying at┬ásummer events to our more all year round and intimate displays for groups of guests. Summer is not quite over yet so lets hang on to that.

We are beginning to refurbishment our aviaries which was last done a number of years ago – it is steady but slow progress as the birds have to removed for short periods to allow work to be done. This refurbishment or renewal extends also to the hawk room where we are replacing our large freezer – which requires the door and door frame to be removed to allow the new freezer in. Which is a real bind but necessary.

Anyhow lets stay sunny! and I am going to leave with a picture of a bee on our lavender plant – one of many who have visited and given us collectively hours of pleasure watching them – about 4 species we think.

Also a picture of ‘Pete’ our Kestrel down at the Knowle – having just caught the lure. His flying continues to improve and he is a feisty wonderful little falcon.

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