July update

Things have been quite busy. Normally it is July that is the hectic time but this year it has been June. We have just finished a group of events ending in a school display in Slough. Everybody has been flying well which is wonderful.

I continue to fly our peregrine  ‘ Sprite’ everyday and he has started to fly at Thornbury Castle in the bottom field for guests – which is great. I am hopeful that we can start flying him in other displays – we are generally working towards that goal – they are such iconic birds – nearly everybody has heard of the species and so it is great to bring one along to events.

As I have said previously he is a clever flier and swinging the lure for him is very challenging – as he tends to fly at me – it is a tactic that is effective! but I try to stay one step ahead of him. Of course this is just natural behaviour for any falcon to develop tactics to outsmart their prey.

With lure swinging in mind I leave you with a picture of ‘Phillip Glasier’ the father of modern falconry flying a falcon at the then Falconry Centre. It gives encouragement to us all!

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