August Update

We have just come through a busy period and apart from the weather which has been disappointing we have survived! at least we are not having the red hot weather conditions they are having in Southern Europe – so we have to be thankful for that.

All the birds have been flying well and Brian continues to astonish audiences with his speed and dexterity but I must all mention Pippa who is such a steady and reliable falcon – it is easy to overlook her lovely nature – I pay tribute to here with thanks.

I had an incident at an event where I fell over in the arena – which is embarrassing in itself – what made matters worst was that ‘Bo’ the Eagle Owl was on her way flying over the children sitting on the grass. She continued on  flying over my head as I lay prostrate on the grass and out of the arena and over the show ground landing on the archery area back net about 10ft up. Of course the audience loved it. I bounded up and ran after my owl – like when I used to chase my sparrowhawk around when I was a schoolboy. Anyhow I got her down – returned to the arena and carried on with my next flier – Arizona the harris hawk. The archers had stopped for the demo – just in case you are wondering.

It was several days ago and I am still feeling a little sore in the back but thankfully nothing worse.

I live you with a picture of ‘Bo’ looking out of her tepee at a show.

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