Pylon peregrines.

Well we have just been through another busy period and generally though windy the displays have gone well. We have all been waiting for summer to begin again and then without noticing the summer has drifted by and we are now looking at the end of the month when Autumn begins as September starts. Well the good news is we are beginning to see wild peregrines again Рthis coincides with the harvest and the availability of pigeons Рboth woodies and feral pigeons feeding on the stubbles. We have had a female peregrine with us for about a week Рshe was calling tonight Рgently chirping high up on their favorite pylon as if to a parent or mate. There may have been another peregrine up there. I think she is  young falcon as she is feather perfect with no gaps suggesting a moulting adult falcon. It is wonderful to see her and really special РI have not seen a peregrine on our local fields since earlier in the year. It suggests Autumn is on its way. I leave with a picture of Sprite our peregrine with me Рhaving being flown and fed down at the Community center earlier in the year Рthe field is sadly no longer there having gone to development for a new Doctors surgery. For the greater good I guess.

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