September falconry displays update – summer ending

We have finished our six jousting days at Blenheim and I include our setup from our last visit which proved particularly windy Рunfortunately my colleague Ray drew the blunt of it and so I decided on the following days to use the t-pee system for our static display. It is simple and robust particularly when excessively windy and I include a photo of the setup. We use the system for afternoon events like village shows and fetes  when the full static is not required and for corporate days. The photo was taken just before  visitors wander over and settle and encamp on the grass to picnic and watch the days activities in the jousting arena. It is a real family event. You can see the palace in the background.

So September is here and we continue – less shows now but of course we provide flying displays year round including over the Christmas period at local Country Hotels – in fact any event where there is space for a birds of prey flying display.

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